“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

African Proverb

Latest Afrocentric Clothing & Accessories

We provide quality Afrocentric Clothing  Accessories and Products that represents the conscious awakening of Black People today. 

There are not enough stores that just cater to Black People in a positive way. MadMan Threads intend on doing just that, catering to Black People with products that celebrate Black Excellence, by providing to our customers with top quality Afrocentric Clothing. We have a wide variety of custom graphics designed T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Mugs and more in our inventory. 

We see White Supremacy increasing, we see more White Supremacist Race Soldier Cops Gunning down unarmed innocent Black Men, Women & Children, we see in the news White Extremist Poli-triKKKans passing racist laws on one end and ignoring Black and Brown People rights as Human Beings and American Citizens on the other, all because the Black Family is waking up FAST. Due to all of these wicked actions done by the dominant society, we are inspired to create new custom graphic design t-shirts & Afrocentric Clothing which allow us to CONSTANTLY update our inventory with Black Conscious T-Shirts, Hoodies and hats. So, please visit often to see our most recent additions, or, join our mailing list and get 10% OFF your next purchase and we will let you know when new Afrocentric Clothing & Products are available!

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